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The Digital Ski Hill: Whistler’s Connected Devices

Ski hills are becoming digital. Virtually every mountain has a map that can be downloaded, Recon Instruments has created a high-tech GPS Heads-Up Display for the alpine to help navigate the mountain and drones can take photos of you shredding POW. Another technology that has gained momentum and adoption by ski hills are the Radio

How A Prototype Culture Pushed Aerospace Innovation

In the early 2000's a US Space Ship blasted into space powered by Russian rockets. They were used because each Russian rocket was 10% more powerful than a US equivalent. Incredibly, these rockets were produced more than 20 years before the launch because they had been in storage since the 1980s when the Russian Space

 The Role of Design Thinking in Waterfall Methodology

The strength of the Waterfall Methodology is its ability to maximize quality, cost and time for projects. It is especially effective when projects are highly integrated with unavailable end users, a fixed budget, and schedule. These are the circumstances that most large organizations have to manage. In waterfall methodology, the analyze and design

Design Thinking for Project Teams

Imagine starting a new project at work. Your team has received the brief and you are in your first meeting to figure out your approach. In these situations, you have an opportunity to shape a project. However, to do this you need to brainstorm and you need to share ideas. Most of the time these meetings

How to Host a Design Thinking Workshop

Fifteen colleagues came to Accenture’s office for a workshop to encourage customers to use online banking. They were expecting a PaperPoint presentation with the occasional whiteboarding to keep things interesting. However, from the moment they entered the atmosphere was different. In three hours, our team developed a creative, fun, and open environment. We followed Design Thinking

What Are The First Steps to Creating Content?

You Have A Limited Time Everyone has a life calendar. A finite amount of time to live and contribute. Wait But Why’s Tim Urban has exceptionally illustrated this concept of a limited time through his blog posts. To demonstrate, here is a 90 year life broken out into years. To put the life span in

Top 10 Fantasty Books

Books are wisdom and stories communicated by words on a page. Books taught me to imagine a creative world. The thoughts captured on a page taught me to admire heroes and dream to be big, ethical and living in a world of magic. Philosophy explained through intricate stories taught me to see the catalyst in